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Lesson Two: A Lighter, Happier YOU in 52 (Weeks)


In our first lesson, we reminded ourselves to say our mantra:  I LOVE MYSELF COMPLETELY NOW. 

In lesson two, we will be turning to the outer-most part of our being — our  bodies.  This is the physical presence we wear in the world.  It is our costume in the play.  It is the vehicle that transports us.  Of course, that body changes over time.  Which model do you have now?  It isn’t the one you had ten years ago — or even yesterday.  We want to keep it tuned up.  But how do we do this if the body is overwhelmed with stress and tension?  We must learn to love every part of our being in this course.

Think about this:  How light and happy can you be if  your body is as tight as a twisted knot?  We may say our affirmations and that is very good, but our outward demeanor may serve to undermine those words. 

We are human beings of multiple levels  and that includes the  body, breath, mind, senses, and spirit. Each of these must be attended to if we are to stay in balance.  A wholistic approach is what I am suggesting to becoming lighter and happier.

As Yogi Amrit Desai, the founder of Kripalu, one of the largest and oldest yoga centers in the United States, said,

The body is the temple of the spirit.

We want that temple to be shiny and welcoming to ourselves.  Don’t forget. too, that we include the body in loving ourselves completely now.  No part of us is left out, no matter what its outward condition.  We learn to love all of us.

Now  I will suggest a simple practice.  We will keep it simple, just as I promised.


I am calling this a weight-loss lesson. Why?  Because we are going to find ways to “take the weight of the world” off our shoulders, our back, our neck.  Now that is a weight loss program we can ALL use.

Right now, take a few seconds to mentally scan your whole body.  Where do you feel stress or tension?  Is it in the shoulders?  In your jaw line?  In your lower back? In the neck? For the majority of people these are the most common target zones.  So, first, we need to know what to look for and how to help ourselves.

Sit in a chair or stand up, which ever is most comfortable. Close your eyes. Scan your body.  Note any tightness. Resolve to soothe and calm the body. Imagine a warm fluid flowing over your body, from the top of your head downward,  melting away any tension and sore muscles, wherever they may be.  As you breathe, feel that each breath calms any areas that are holding tension.  Allow your shoulders to release away from the neck and give way to gravity. Say to yourself:

My body is softening.  My body is growing calm.  I am relaxed.

It is simple to do.  But you must repeat it often. Certainly, whenever you feel tension returning. Do this body scan even when you aren’t aware of tension. Tension can be insidious and become a habit.  Whenever you feel anxiety or stress, let it go, wherever you are – in the car, at your desk, washing dishes, in a meeting, at the grocery store, in bed.  Remember that you are being kind and loving to your body so that it can support your happier life. 

Become a student of your own body, but not like a rigid task master.  Instead be a kind and compassionate observer.  Be the kind of person who says:

I love myself AND MY BODY completely now.

Remember you can invite someone else to travel this transformation journey with you.  A supporting helpmate could be just the thing you need. Or consider me your fellow traveler. I am here to help.

Be sure to follow this blog so that you know when new postings occur and look at other, earlier postings and go to www.deannemincer.com for more information.

I am honored to share with you this path of transformation.

With love and namaste, Deanne


We Are All Born For Love


We are all born for love.

It is the principle of existence, and its only purpose.

Benjamin Disraeli, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, expressed these words during the Victorian era in the 1800’s.  Imagine, if today, these words were part of the political dialogue in our present era.  Could you fathom a candidate standing at a podium talking so adamantly about love being our purpose for living?  Yet, when we cut through the puffery of the world and go to the core of our being, and, if we have the courage to speak  from the truth within our hearts, most of us will acknowledge that it is love that warms us, alters us and changes everything around us.

The poet, Robert Browning wrote:

Take away love and our earth becomes a tomb.

Without love, who are we and what are we?  Throughout history, we have seen how civilizations have been ruled from places of hate, self-righteous beliefs, and the harsh divisiveness of judging others as inferior or evil, thus proving that those espousing those sentiments can only be speaking from their own love deprived state.  Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to loving and caring for those in society who were the most likely to view themselves as unlovabe and unworthy, observed:

If you judge people you have no time to love them.

In an earlier post about love, I noted that all great spiritual paths hold love as a commonality.  As a yoga teacher, I know that love is the essence of yoga in its purest form.  We learn to “practice” methods that help us to remember to love ourselves.  Why is it a practice, like learning to do yoga postures and sitting in meditation?  Because it may not come naturally to us — even as it is, in the truest sense, innate within us, we forget just how worthy we are and that we are born with love intact — until we learn to unlearn it. 

Whether we actively embrace a religion or spiritual path or not, loving ourselves, at least to begin, requires changing the way we think. Louise Hay, the woman who is at the forefront of spiritual knowledge, as a best-selling author, speaker, and publisher, and Cheryl Richardson, another best-selling author and coach, have written a new book called You Can Create an Exceptional Life, which includes much insight into using affirmations to help bring change into your life.  At first glance, some might think these are just rote statements that never reach into the depth of our being, but the mind and body have a way of responding even when you don’t realize it.  You have to try using affirmations over a period of time to recognize their strength and potency.  As Louise Hay suggests, as you go about your day, you can say words like this:

I love my life.

I love this day.

Life loves me.

It is wonderful to feel the love in my heart.

Everything I do brings me joy.

Drop the skepticism.  Leave behind your judging , maybe cynical, mind.  Go ahead!  Try it. It can’t hurt.  It can only make you feel better.  Or you can make up your own expressions and affirmations. Just typing these statements puts a smile on my face.  I feel the love flowing from the words and out into the space around me.

Shakespeare wrote:

And when love speaks, the voices of all the gods

make heaven drowsy with its harmony.

We have the chance, in every single minute of our lives, to let love speak.  To ourselves.  To those around us.  And to everyone, circling the globe.

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