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The 52: Lesson Four –Blah! Blah! Blah! Turn Off the Chatter



Never miss a good chance to shut up!

 That’s what Will Rogers had to say.  He was a humorist, actor and cowboy, popular in the 1920s and 30s.  Maybe before “your time.”  I like this quote so much, I used it in one of my earlier blog posts.  Now some of those quotes seem to fit right into these weekly lessons.

Think about this: If we are not actually talking or listening to some form of chatter, our minds are all too happy to fill in the space.  Tearing from subject to subject. Interjecting thoughts, judgments, and instant analysis of any old thing.  Playing the same tired tapes over and over.  Don’t we grow weary with all the activity? What a relief to “shut up” and take a break.

How are you doing with giving some time to silence?  Does it seem strange to you?  Does your mind object? Who is the one doing all that thinking, after all?  Who is there in the stillness?  Could there be someone who witnesses all the falderal?  Is it possible that you’ve been so busy with noise that you haven’t noticed that some one else is there?  Could it be YOU?  Maybe it is time to get acquainted with YOU, the silent one who is in every moment of your life – waking, sleeping, thinking, dreaming.

I am curious. Let me know if you are meeting another part of yourself as you dip into silence.  Or, if you have been meditating for a long time, maybe you can venture back into the time when you first noticed that someone – YOU – was watching.  I relish hearing these stories.

And now, for something completely different, let’s all be SILENT.

With love and namaste, Deanne

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