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The 52: Lesson Nine – Why Meditate: Some Thoughts



The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest

you can give yourself in this life.

Sogyal Rinpoche

These are the words of a Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen Lama.  He describes meditation as going home and revealing our true heart.  His most prominent writing is a book I value greatly, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.  His words resonate with a Truth that transcends any particular path, which is one of the goals of my own work — to show the commonalities between the many spiritual paths.

One of the most renowned and respected Christian writers of this or any era is C. S. Lewis, a favorite of mine.  In England, he was an Oxford don who converted from doubt to devout Christianity.  He even engaged in fantasy works of fiction.  You may know him as the author of The Chronicles of Narnia.  He said:

We live, in fact, in a world starved for solitude, silence and private:

and therefore, starved for meditation and true friendship.

And this from The Holy Bible:

Sing unto him, sing psalms upon him,

meditate upon his wondrous works.

Psalms 105:2

Some may see the last quote more as a contemplation rather than meditation but the idea of meditation is frequently mentioned in Christian writings.

Yet meditation is more associated, to many of us, as an Eastern teaching.  It is true that many of Western faith are less familiar with the concept of meditation.  In most cases, meditation is a solitary practice.  Even while I meditated in the company of thousands of others, it was still my meditation.  Its great benefit is the promise of  an authentic experience of God consciousness. one to one, if you will.

So this is the purpose — Divine Consciousness,  Yes, as other benefits, we can experience less stress, being more centered, lower blood pressure and many other healthful results, which are not a small thing.  But meditation can bring about union with a higher power, with Divine Love, with God, with Eternal Life.  Now THAT is something really big!

As we conclude this week on meditation, though we will return to it again soon, do this:

  • Follow the earlier suggestions for meditation.  Now, as you prepare to meditate, ask for guidance and Truth.  Ask for Grace.  ASK!  Let your meditation be encircled with love and kindness.  Then just meditate.  Stop thinking.  See how this feels.
  • Come to a place of acceptance.  Let the meditation just be what it is.  If your mind went off on a grocery list or a bill to be paid or the next action of the day, be accepting.  Okay, that is how it was today.
  • Don’t give yourself a grade. “Well that was a lousy meditation, I might as well give up.”  In truth, just about everyone thinks that at some point.  Let it go.  Just keep meditating in whatever way you can.
  • If you just can’t meditate, for whatever reason, be okay with that too.  Even long time meditators may hit a patch where they have trouble.  Be kind to yourself.  Everything will unfold just right.

Keep me posted!  Everything about these lessons is about reaching out with love.  If this has helped even one person, my heart will sing with joy.

With love and namaste, Deanne

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The 52: Lesson Four — The Silence Within You, The Place of Truth



To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

These are the words of Lao Tsu, the venerable Chinese philosopher who lived in the fifth century, BCE. and is the author of the Tao Te Ching.  His wisdom has resonated through the ages and carries much commonality with other spiritual and religious paths.

Of all the topics I have covered, one has drawn the most readers and attention.  It is the easiest of all.  It is based on the above quote. This is it.

Be still and know

that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

Silencing the mind.  Being still.  Resting in the quiet.  Isn’t it an irony that this, the stillness, is the way to find peace and Truth? Especially as we live in a world ever more addicted to activity, noise, and interaction?  We have filled our lives with chaos, with traffic and cellphones, with texting and talking, with 24/7 news feeds, with headsets and busyness.  So you think this has made us lighter and happier?

In week one, we gave ourselves this reminder, to repeat over and over:  I love myself completely NOW.  For week two, we scanned our bodies to wipe away tension and stress. During week three, we targeted one of the thought habits that causes stress and discomfort: worrying.  Now we take this week to choose the wonder of silence. This will be taught in three lessons, all within this week.  Stay tuned for the postings.



How novel!  To do nothing.  To just be.  To let go of activity and thoughts.  To turn off the television, the radio, the phone, the conversation. To be by yourself as your Self.  You know, you have never had to do anything or become anything to be the Light of your own Soul.  You already are that Light.  All by yourself.  Just as you are right now.

There is profound power inside the heart of your own being.  If you are already used to this, you know what I mean.  If you meditate or commune with nature or pray, you know this.  For many of us, the idea of just being with ourselves is strange, uncommon, maybe even uncomfortable or frightening.  but it is worth the effort to go into silence, even if for only a minute or two.  Throughout this course, we will explore many different ways to bring this to fruition.

Remember that whatever you do, you will let go of judging.  You will be accepting and loving to yourself without exception.  You will be light and kind to yourself.  Everything will unfold in just the right way.  Count on it!

For this week, here are some ideas to explore;

  • Choose a time, anytime, today, to be quiet.  Let your body soften.  Feel your breath deepen and smooth out. Pay attention to a calming thought as you coordinate your breath with this thought.  It could be one of these:  I love myself completely NOW.  Or,  may I feel peace and be at ease. Or, pick a sound like Om or Amen or Shalom or Salaam.  Notice how they all have a common sound within them.  This is no accident.  The Sanskrit sound of Om or aum, is said to have enormous power within it.  Just be quiet for a minute or two or three.  Then go about your day.
  • Choose to do the above  a few times a day.  Go somewhere quiet.  Tell your family you are having quiet time. Perhaps they will want to try it out on their own.  Just remember, this is your quiet time.
  • If you already meditate (and good for you!), maybe you will take just a little more time this week. You can honor yourself for choosing to go within and love yourself even more.

So, for this week, all you have to do is enjoy a little peace and quiet.  That’s all.  In a day or two, I will lend support with more ideas.  Be sure to check these postings regularly.  Or pass them on to others.  In my mind, the more of us who feel lighter and happier and more loving in our lives, the better.  What do you think?

With love and namaste, Deanne

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