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Happy New Year and Happy New You


Happy New Year! 

This is the time of year when many of us review the past and make resolutions for the new year.  Maybe we make lists of goals or plans to make dramatic changes.  On and on the list grows: Lose Weight.  Exercise more.  Make X amount of money. Give more to charity. Be less critical. Begin meditating.  Be nice to your mother in law.  You might castigate yourself for “failings’ in the past year and for making the same, unfulfilled resolution every single year.  Perhaps you will decide to “manifest” what you want and your resolution is hitched to a secret practice of turning mind matter into the material. 

Happy New You!

But perhaps you are resisting the notion of a review or a list of resolutions.  What if you actually believe that, right now, in this moment, you are fine just as you are.  How radical would it be if you embraced the notion that you are, in fact, and in the view of Divine Truth, of Consciousness, of God, perfect just as you are right now.  That you have always been embraced in unconditional love.  That you are far more than all the pufferies of the world.  That whatever measurements the world takes in defining your worth have little to do with what is held with ease and comfort in the heart of your very Being.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with making lists and plans.  It is one of the ways the world seems to work. January 1 is just a date — nothing special except that we make it so. Many on the spiritual path see time and space as errant dimensions. But, if we play the game and if you start from this novel (for most of us) loving approach, your list might include some items like this:

  • I will be more accepting and gentle with myself. 
  • I will see myself in a more loving and forgiving way.
  • I will try to delete stress and anger and not worry so much. 
  • I will do more “self” care. 
  • I will laugh often and be in good humor.
  • I will take a few moments every day to be in silence
  • I will let go of negative thought patterns
  • Whatever I decide to do will revolve around a spirit of patience and compassion. 

Then you can add those thing like lose weight, exercise more.

Whatever you do, I hope you will remember that love dwells within you in abundance and that you are the essence of love.  That is MY wish for you for the New Year!

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