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The 52: Lesson Fourteen — Eternal Life AND Love


butterflyblueskySpringtime has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems.

Rainer Maria Rilke

Happy Springtime. We think of springtime as bringing renewal. As I write this, it is springtime in New England, where I live.  The sun is warming the earth and, in response, green shoots are popping out of the soil, woodchucks are emerging from their hibernation and foraging for sustenance, new, colorful birds are arriving in the midst of their travels.  There is a song in the air and an expression  of  lightness in the faces of people enjoying the fresh air..

We think of springtime as bringing renewal, and it does.  One of the Christian holidays that marks this time of year is Easter, the celebration of true re-birth, hope, and love. A triumph of eternal love.  All of these qualities are worthy of celebration, not just in the spring, but in all seasons of our lives.

Perhaps Easter is not a holiday you celebrate. Even so, I believe that Easter is an important day for all of humanity.  Why would I say this?  The “story” of Easter and resurrection is immensely valuable to contemplate when thinking of the meaning and duration of life and love.  I am enthralled with the story of the passion and the unconditional love that is predominant in the Easter story.  Of course, I was raised in a Christian family and Easter, with all its pageantry, was a special day in my life.  I liked searching for Easter eggs, eating jelly beans, enjoying a springtime dinner with family, and dressing up in new clothes that reflected the sunny days and flowers blooming.  Our family album is full of pictures of my mother, father, and brother, all decked out in new Easter finery, with my brother and me clutching Easter baskets full of treats.

For many years, I discounted the story of Easter.  Those were the years when I took a sabbatical from organized religion.  In fact, I pretty much discounted all the stories of miracles and faith, Christian or otherwise.  That was then.  Now, again, I call myself a Christian but right along with this statement, I could equally call myself a Yogi , and a believer in the mystical branches of all religions.

I relish the chance to say Happy Easter.  The significance of the story of Jesus and resurrection, of eternal life and love, and of what this says about death (or no death, to be exact) resonates with the truths of the most ancient spiritual writings.

I have written quite a lot about eternal love.  I hope you will take a minute to go back to Lesson Six that focused on this subject.  It will give you a better idea of how I came to so firmly believe in the continuation of life after we depart the body and why I have not the vaguest doubt that love is eternally the most important subject of all time.

So now, at this time of renewal and rebirth, we remember the truth that our souls are free from death.  We only depart from our bodies, yet WE continue to be the Divine Spirit and embodiment of Love.



This is the Practice for this week’s lesson:

  • Take a bit of time each day to contemplate the idea of eternal life and love.
  • Carve out a few minutes to sit in silence.  Calm your body and your breath.  Long slow breathing.
  • Now contemplate these words from A Course in Miracles:

You dwell not here but in eternity.

You travel but in dreams while safe at home.

  • Think on these words.  What does it mean for you, for those who have already “died” and for those you love who will surely leave their bodies?
  • What if you are already dwelling in eternity, but have failed to recognize this?
  • What if you are safe at home all the time?
  • What if you are, right now, the perfect embodiment of love, but you have confused this truth with messages from the world of dreams.

I do not pretend that this is easy material to consider, especially if you are seeing it for the first time.  It is, nonetheless, the basis of most spiritual paths, dating from the earliest writings that still exist.

This is where we are heading.  And, whether you embrace these beliefs or not, it does not alter the Truth.

You are Love.

You are Eternal.

Life is Eternal.

Love is Eternal.

These words are not just meant for Jesus or Buddha or saints or gurus.  These words are about YOU!

With love and namaste, Deanne

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The 52: Lesson Six – On Eternal Love



Love is the essence of all true spiritual beliefs and paths.  At least, that is how I see it.  In touching the power and energy of that love, miracles occur and all else fades into the background.  LOVE IS IT!  Love is the reason for our very existence and the purpose of our time in the “world.”

In Lesson One, Week One,  I asked you to repeat an affirmation about love as a means to open your mind, thoughts, and heart to a transcendent Truth — that you are loved beyond conditions and in a way that is not altered by time and space.  I love myself completely NOW.  That is the phrase and “mantra.”  Did you say it?  Did you feel the shift? Do you continue to say it?

Now we move to another lesson on love.

Lesson Six  

Eternal Love

If we believe that love is something that is time limited, the pressure to know and experience it gets stuffed into a box.  You better figure it out between birth and death because that’s all you’ve got.  That’s your life on earth. I used to think that until I was pushed — sometimes unwittingly and reluctantly — into a new “reality. ”  Now I know that we have all the time in the “world” and even out of the world, to get this.  You have an eternity to get it.  Love is actually the only thing, ever, you have to get.  But, having said this, why not start right now? This minute!  What is holding you back?

We are speaking of a love that goes beyond everything else.  It is not some saccharine, schmaltzy kind of  love (though that is not excluded), not some cheesy movie idea of love, not some self-serving love that “expects” something in return.  This love is not a negotiation.  It is completely of an open heart that gives without expectation of return.  And this is the best part.  You already possess this love within you, even if you are not aware of it.  You might even be able to share this love after you leave the body.

Six years ago, my dear mother took her last breath, and, under the light of a full moon, she parted the veil and moved into eternity.  My husband and I were by her side, telling her how much we loved her at that moment.  There is so much to say about the miracles that surrounded her passing, but I will only say now that she has sent us hundreds of cheery and funny signs and messages since she departed  this world.  We don’t think of ourselves as mediums or anything  like that so this was kind of surprising to us. After we got over feeling “weird” about all of these “coincidences”, we pondered why these happy messages keep coming.  We could only conclude that my mother is making sure we know that she loves us all the way from heaven (or wherever she is enjoying herself these days).   I would call that a celebration of eternal love.  What do you think?  Has anyone who has passed sent you a sign or message that you saw as a sign of comfort and love to you?

Come on, you might say, we are born, we die, and that’s it.  Life and love, at least for the individual, is contained in that short space of time.  Look, who am I to try to persuade you?  There was a time when I would have agreed, even debated this side of the issue.  But that was then, this is now.  So many “proofs” have come along for me over the last years, and now I firmly embrace the truth of eternal life and love. Mind you, a lot of study and reading has gone into this shift.  Yet the clincher was a burst of wisdom that can only be called an awakening.

Just for a moment, think about what it would mean if you, YOU, were eternal.  And not just eternal, but situated in the light of love.  What does this say to those who have “lost” loved ones and to those who are near death. What kind of hope and joy might that provide, on all fronts?

Here now is the “assignment” for this week:

  • In a moment of quiet, maybe just before getting out of bed or before falling asleep or perhaps as you take silent time to meditate, imagine yourself as a being of light, surrounded by love.  Let it be a circle of love that flows through you and all around you.  Nothing but love moves within that circle unless YOU invite it in.  Feel the safety and comfort in your “circle of love.”
  • You might like to enlarge your circle of love.  Visualize it growing to include your home and everything and everyone in it — your family, your pets, your objects.  Don’t analyze who and what is in it and not in it.  This in UNconditional love.  Everyone is in it!
  • Now enlarge even more, to include your neighborhood or street, then your city or town.  Send out love freely, to everyone and thing in your country, then further to include the whole earth and beyond.  No discrimination!  You cannot leave out those of opposing philosophies or ideas.
  • Here is another way to share this love.  Imagine that it flows all through your past, touching and embracing everyone you have ever known. Then let it move into the future, to everyone and everything you will ever meet in your life.
  • And after these experiences. let it all go, without expectation.  Send it into space, the universe, Divine Consciousness. Let the Love be so great that you don’t need to be attached to it.  Open your heart and let it go…

See this love as huge. Bigger than anything you have ever experienced. You have this power and energy.  Do you think that “little old you” can’t possibly do this?  Think again!  Try it.

It is written in A Course in Miracles:

God is but love

and therefore, so am I.

Ponder that thought and see what happens.

I care what you think and experience.  Let me know. You are, of course, inside my circle of love.

With love and namaste, Deanne

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