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Hurricane Sandy: When External Power Goes Out, Look for Internal Power


We live in a world of uncertainty.  To believe we can somehow “control” what happens around us is an illusion.  Sure, we can make efforts to be prepared; that’s wise thinking.  But when acts of nature or terrorism or random violence confronts us, as painful as it may be, we should take these events and use them as “teaching moments.” 

I live in an area hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.  We were without power and lost most forms of communication for many days.  Our challenges were nothing compared to those whose homes were burned to the ground in Breezy Point, New York, or those who had a tree strike and kill a loved one, or the 40,000 New Yorkers who are presently homeless.  What do we do with all the hardship?

Giving, through volunteering or with donations, and offering prayer and compassionate and healing energy is meaningful and helps all around. Yet how can we feel protected from the gut wrenching chaos and turbulent  emotions we encounter?  This is where establishing a spiritual practice (meditation, prayer, breath work) shows its great value.  Beginning and maintaining these “habits” becomes an investment.  It reveals itself as an insurance policy when disaster, of any sort, arises.

Once we have received the gift of going within and we keep it as a steady friend, we have a place to go for solace.  Our connection to Divine Energy and Truth encircles us and reminds us that WE are far more than the catastrophic events unfolding around us.  That WE can retreat to our inner stillness and experience healing.  That WE are not alone but rather are connected to Divine Grace.  That nothing, NO – THING, can take away the values of love, compassion, and kindness that dwell at the essence of our being.

Even in the midst of the storm, blessings flow.  Nothing tests our resolve more than crisis.  At those times in my life when I have felt bereft of hope and immersed in sadness, I have always found this quote comforting:

The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.

Bernadette Devlin

If you find these words comforting as well, please let me know.  The purpose of these posts is to create an environment where we can come together in a spirit of mutual respect and kindness  — to create a safe harbor in a storm.

With love and namaste, Deanne

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