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The 52: Lesson Eleven – Let The Heart Massage Clear Past Issues


butterflyblueskyA Course in Miracles is one of the most important books I have ever read.  To say I read it is hardly the case, I have spent years studying its profound words and deep wisdom. It transformed my life and explained mysteries of faith and spiritual truth in ways that I could readily understand.  The resonance of its words blended with all the teachings I had long studied in ancient Indian texts, yet it is a Christian (Christ-based) text.  I recommend it to everyone who asks how they may move forward on the spiritual path and love themselves more.

These are some quotes from A Course in Miracles:

God is but love and therefore, so am I.

Love, which created me, is what I am.

Love is the way I walk in gratitude.

Love is the essence, yet the course speaks about the intrusion of the ego and how it can pull us away from love. So the heart massage, which you have been encouraged to practice this week and whenever you need it, serves to dissolve the activities of the ego by stating clearly that we “love and accept” ourselves no matter what the ego throws our way.  Do you realize how powerful this is and how your life could be changed because of it?

I hope that you have tried the heart massage and experienced its cleansing and clearing effect.  You can use it in the moment, when something happens during your day.  You can also use it retroactively.  Here’s how:

  • In the past, even long ago, something happened that shook your core of love.  It may have indelibly altered the course of your life.  If it still unsettles you, it is not too late to dissolve the ego intervention and move into love.
  • When you have the situation firmly in your mind, begins using the heart massage.  Delve into ALL the feelings, emotions and fears your felt then, repeating each time that you “love and accept yourself” no matter what happened.  Try to exhaust every single negativity surrounding the situation.
  • When you have finished, see if you feel better.  You might even give yourself a measurement — on a scale of 1-10 — on how much you felt unsettled, then re-evaluate after wards.  Your assessment of the number should have decreased.  When I work with others on this practice, we actually muscle test to do this measurement.

If you decide to try to clear past issues in this way, I recommend that you restrict this kind of clearing to only one or two at a time.  You may be surprised at how altered you will feel in this practice.

In future lessons we will move more deeply into this subject.  If you have questions about it, I am eager to help.  You can also refer to one of Henry Grayson’s books which clearly describes the method and how it works or go to his website – www.henrygrayson.com.

In this lesson we have actively used our body to participate in healing and bringing love to the foreground.  I always feel better after this kind of work.  I hope that you do too.

With love and namaste, Deanne

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The 52: Lesson Eleven — More on Loving Yourself



Conquer the devils with a little thing called love.

That’s the observation of the legendary Jamaican musician Bob Marley.  That “little thing” called love turns out to be a very big thing indeed!

Are you prepared to really love yourself?  Regardless of circumstances?  No matter how much you have judged yourself and felt lacking? Even if you worry that you will never be worthy of love — from others, from your family and friends, from your own self?  Maybe you think you are just too imperfect, scarred, disgusting, unacceptable, terrible — a curse to everyone and everything? Hold on!

Is it too extreme to imagine thinking all that I have described?  Too impossible to imagine anyone coming back from such self-denial and self-hatred?  Yet it happens and not so rarely.  Most of us go along, feeling pretty good and then something– the big something — happens and we plunge into the ego’s damaging messages.

It might be a small something that we use to berate ourselves.  I can’t find my car keys.  Or I forgot to pick up the dog food.  Or I overslept.  Whatever it is, it is not worth blocking out the love that is pulsing and glowing inside of us. Don’t forget that these only “thoughts.”  At some point we learn that they don’t have much meaning in the spiritual realm.

Often times the judgement comes from those around us. and, for some reason, we take it to heart.  We believe it, even if we know it is absurd to do so.  Think of bullying.  It is reprehensible enough for youngsters, but it can happen to us at any age.  I like the expression that “whatever someone else thinks of you is none of YOUR business.” It isn’t, but few of us believe it.

We need a line of defense against attacks by others and ourselves.  I urge you to review the last lesson and to engage the heart massage whenever you harbor feelings of loss of love.  And bolster it by repeating the affirmation, I love myself completely NOW.  See your self surrounded by love and protected engaging an image of those you know love you (living or out of this world) and by God or Jesus or angels or saints or a totem or any higher power you trust.

In my life, I have, many times, had periods when I felt bereft of love.  I have lived long enough and worked with enough people in my spiritual teachings to know that we can all be subject to this feeling.  It hurts when it happens.  We feel lonely and vulnerable.  We might feel that we will never escape those feelings.  That we have plunged to the depths, with no way out.  But we don’t have to stay there.  We don’t!

Trust me!  The heart massage and the accompanying messages WORK!  Don’t spend another minute feeling separated from love!

I deeply love and accept myself even…

Finally, remember that, in the world of yoga, we are all one.  When you ask for love to become manifest for you, you may be surprised at how the universe will click the “on” button and you will be sent love.  Just in writing these words, I am sending love to you right now.  Trust me!

With love and namaste,  Deanne

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The 52: Lesson Eleven – A Practical Method to Love Yourself More


butterflyblueskyThe measure of love is to love without measure.

Saint Augustine

To love without measure.  Think of it.  No yardstick.  No beginning or end of love.  It is always there, and you need do nothing to be worthy of it.  It is a given in the spiritual world.  You can count on love.  You can take it to the bank.

If this is true, then why do we have so much difficulty in accepting and believing  it?  Why do we seem to be constantly on a search for love?  Why do we feel incomplete, thinking we are without it, even when it is already there, within us?  Love comes with us.  It’s part of the fact of being alive.  But. somehow we have been lead to believe that we have to earn it, that we are unworthy of it, that there is something wrong with us.

In our very first lesson, I asked you to repeat this affirmation – “I love myself completely NOW. ” It was to be stated at all times and under all conditions.  Even when we feel ashamed, angry, fearful, and in situations where we might think that love has abandoned us — especially at those times — we are to say it and let it sink in.

We MUST believe in love.  It is paramount that we know that we are forever loved.  It is crucial that we let go of all doubt in this matter.  Love is the essence of life and the spiritual world.  Love = God.

Now for a way to use your physical body to enhance that love.



Some years ago, I took a course from Henry Grayson, Ph.D.  He is an extraordinary teacher, clinical psychologist, analyst, spiritual healer, meditator, and energy worker, was an ordained minister, and the author of several books, the latest being Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind.  He taught an extended course and from him I learned to fine tune the methods of muscle testing (kinesiology) as a means of measuring levels of  trauma and ego driven unrest in the body and mind and for the discernment of truth.  While we learned about tapping and “touch and breathe” (as used in EFT, emotional freedom technique), and many other modalities for healing, one that has resonated for my students and is easily accessible to anyone is what I call the heart massage.  It is a means of massaging the chest at the heart center and where the thymus gland is located.  So it soothes and draws power in the heart center and stimulates the thymus which in turn increases immune response and healing energy.

There are those times when we feel angry, guilty, upset –a range of emotions — that seem to be steering us away from loving ourselves.  We would say that it is the voice of the ego, that which conveys negative messages thwarting our remembering the love that is ever-present.  You can pretty much count on this — anything not supportive and loving is probably emanating from the ego.  When this occurs, we engage the heart massage.  Here is how to do it:

  • Find a comfortable, preferably private space.  I recommend that you sit down though you could surely do this standing as well.
  • Open your hand so that the palm will be able to be in contact when you begin.
  • Place your hand at the collar bones, palm open.  Begin to move your hand in a clockwise direction, circling on your chest.
  • As you do this, say these words: I deeply love and accept myself even if…
  • To end this statement, you will add to it words that express the ego’s message or whatever seems to be blocking the love that is within you.  For example:  Let’s say someone has said something insulting and hurtful to you and it has disturbed you and made you angry.  You might say the phrase above and add — even if I feel like a fool for feeling bad about those words   Even if I hate that person for hurting me so deeply.  Even if I wanted to retaliate and say something hurtful back.  Even if I felt I could not control my anger.  Even if I fear that people think bad things about me.  Even if — and you run through whatever you feel that is negative, on all levels.
  • When you have exhausted all the feelings, you say I deeply love and accept myself under all circumstances (or no matter what).  Now you stop.  You should feel relief and feel comforted.  You should have released at least some of the negativity.
  • Remember that each time you do this when you are disturbed, you must speak the exact words and all of them.  Each sentence must begin with I deeply love and accept myself.  You are planting this in your mind and heart.

I hope you will try this powerful method.  It works.  So many of my students and friends use it.  If you have questions about it, I am here to help.

More than anything, I want you to value who you are and the love that is already there within you.  The more love the better. Let me know what you think.

With love and namaste, Deanne

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