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More Thoughts on Lesson Two: A Lighter, Happier YOU



‘Welcome back!

As I am hearing from you, I realize that some are calling the course “the 52”  I like that.  If that rings for you, we can all be on “the 52” together.

Let’s do a little check up:  Is your body less tense in the last day or two?  How are you right now?  Any tightness in the shoulders?  The neck?  Is the jaw locked in tension?  Is your back strained?  Just asking!  I am hoping that you are regularly asking these questions.   I promise that, if you are, you will experience change.  And you are loving your body at the same time.

You see, we want our bodies to be the recipients of all the tender loving care we will be experiencing in the upcoming weeks.  So we are sending a wave of softness to soothe the body — right from the crown of the head to your feet.  In a short time, this can become second nature.  It will only take a second or two to calm your body, to feel your shoulders drop down and relax.  There is a reason the expression about carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders became so well-known.  That is exactly how it feels sometimes.  I know.  I remember feeling that way.

If you would like some feedback, write back to me.  If you have engaged someone to be your on the spot support system, I would like to know how it is working.  Over the coming weeks, you will develop a dialogue of common life changing habits and thought patterns.  It is fun to watch the change in yourself and others.  This is meant to be fun — like a game.  And you will always be the winner.

I am here for you!

With love and namaste, Deanne

For more information, go to www.deannemincer.com and read some of the other blog posts.  Thanks!