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The 52: Lesson Fifty Two — And Finally and Only — Love



butterflyblueskyLove surrounds you.  

Of this be sure.

You do not walk alone.

These words, from A Course in Miracles, form the essence of The 52.  It is first, last, and always, the only and most important Truth to know and believe. Recognize it at the core of your being.  It is the path to true freedom.  Love destroys fear and the insidious messages of the ego, which you may have mistakenly taken to be the truth.  But hatred, judgement, anger, and hostility have no power where Love resides.  The darkness has no power over the Light.  It never has and never will.

Don’t be mistaken, this is not some trivial, maudlin, sentimental kind of love — the kind you might find in typical movies and songs and romance novels.  It is beyond physical love and that between individuals, though this kind of love carries a seed of Divine Love. …

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The 52: Lesson Fifty One — Stop Searching. YOU Are the Destination



butterflyblueskyGod is a great underground river that

no one can dam up and no one can stop.

                              Meister Eckhart

We search and search.  We study and pray.  We read books and scriptures.  We meditate. We question.  We doubt.  We avoid and negate. We humans are not passive about God, even when we actively deny the existence of some “thing” called God or the Infinite or the Source or the Creator.  Most of the greatest minds in the world — from many disciplines including  science and philosophy — have pondered the quintessential  questions about God.  Are we searching for meaning to our own existence, for something more than the mundane birth to death and day-to-day aspects of our life?  And for those of us who are seekers on the spiritual path, it may seem surprising to finally come to the conclusion that we, ourselves, turn out to be the destination…

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The 52: Lesson 50 — The Way to the Light. It’s with You All the Time



butterflyblueskyWouldn’t you like to have an easy way to measure your thinking and your health? Something that travels with you like a personal physician?  What you are looking for is already there, acting  like your own private measuring device.  It is the  doctor at your side.  Through the hustles and bustles of your life, all you have to do is stop for a few seconds and get a reading. A handy-dandy guide.

Good news!  You have  it with you all the time. It has been there ever since you were born.  It travels with you through thick and thin.  It is there when you are sleeping and when you are awake.  It is one of the most powerful tools for transformation, for remembering the Light and Love within you, for placing your entire life in balance.  It cuts through stress and negative thinking.  All you have to do is remember…

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