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The 52: Lesson Four –Blah! Blah! Blah! Turn Off the Chatter




Never miss a good chance to shut up!

 That’s what Will Rogers had to say.  He was a humorist, actor and cowboy, popular in the 1920s and 30s.  Maybe before “your time.”  I like this quote so much, I used it in one of my earlier blog posts.  Now some of those quotes seem to fit right into these weekly lessons.

Think about this: If we are not actually talking or listening to some form of chatter, our minds are all too happy to fill in the space.  Tearing from subject to subject. Interjecting thoughts, judgments, and instant analysis of any old thing.  Playing the same tired tapes over and over.  Don’t we grow weary with all the activity? What a relief to “shut up” and take a break.

How are you doing with giving some time to silence?  Does it seem strange to you?  Does your mind object? Who is the…

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The 52: Lesson Four — The Silence Within You, The Place of Truth




To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders.

These are the words of Lao Tsu, the venerable Chinese philosopher who lived in the fifth century, BCE. and is the author of the Tao Te Ching.  His wisdom has resonated through the ages and carries much commonality with other spiritual and religious paths.

Of all the topics I have covered, one has drawn the most readers and attention.  It is the easiest of all.  It is based on the above quote. This is it.

Be still and know

that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

Silencing the mind.  Being still.  Resting in the quiet.  Isn’t it an irony that this, the stillness, is the way to find peace and Truth? Especially as we live in a world ever more addicted to activity, noise, and interaction?  We have filled our lives with chaos, with traffic and cellphones, with texting and talking, with…

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The 52: Lesson Three — What’s the Use of Worrying? Try This!


Being practical…


butterflyblueskyDo you think that worrying is a modern-day problem?  Here is what Ovid, born in 43 B.C. and  a Roman poet, had to say:

Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.

Can you imagine, giving up worrying, once and for all?  Especially now, in a world where we seem to dwell on subjects like these:  The undulating economy.  Terrorism and shootings. Health care programs.  Will we have enough money to put our children through college?  Enough money to support us into old age? Enough money to buy food for tomorrow? What is our future?  Can we find a job?  Is the planet over heating?  Why am I depressed?  On and on, more and more…

STOP!  Has your worrying level gone up just by reading these questions?  STOP!  Put them  in the box or slot them into worry time. …

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The 52: Lesson Two — How Calm and Relaxed Are You Right Now?



butterflyblueskyThe body is the temple of the spirit.

Amrit Dasai

It’s time to scan your body.  That’s right.  It’s the body that seems to contain your Eternal  and Divine Spirit.  Just how light, happy, and full of love can you be if your body is tight with anxiety, like a twisted knot?  It is important to take every part of our being into account on this joyous ride of Love.  We don’t leave behind any aspect of ourselves, including our physical presence.



This is the focus of Lesson Two — getting to know when and how your body reacts to stress.  Tense muscles.  Tight jaw line.  Scrunched shoulders.  The back held in a noose.  Do you recognize these stress symptoms? Some bodies choose to display stress in one or two or all of these ways at once. Then most of us walk around all…

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The 52: A Lighter, Happier YOU in 52 (weeks) – The Makeover Starts Now




52!  Weeks, that is.  By this time, next year, you could feel happier and lighter.  More joyous and peaceful.  More at home in the world.  Less stressed and more comfortable in your life.  You could find yourself transformed and at ease.  Made over, in effect, yet with feelings of love and compassion for the person you “used” to be.

We know that lasting change seldom occurs overnight.  If too much is expected, most of us are destined to become frustrated.  We just give up.  It is easy to make resolutions that are far too ambitious at this time of year, the new year.  So be easy with yourself.  Little by little, week by week, see how you feel.  If you skip a lesson or decide it’s not resonating with you, just keep reading the weekly lessons and see if something strikes you.

It won’t take a year for you to notice that…

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