The 52: Lesson Three — What’s the Use of Worrying? Try This!


butterflyblueskyDo you think that worrying is a modern-day problem?  Here is what Ovid, born in 43 B.C. and  a Roman poet, had to say:

Happy is the man who has broken the chains which hurt the mind, and has given up worrying once and for all.

Can you imagine, giving up worrying, once and for all?  Especially now, in a world where we seem to dwell on subjects like these:  The undulating economy.  Terrorism and shootings. Health care programs.  Will we have enough money to put our children through college?  Enough money to support us into old age? Enough money to buy food for tomorrow? What is our future?  Can we find a job?  Is the planet over heating?  Why am I depressed?  On and on, more and more…

STOP!  Has your worrying level gone up just by reading these questions?  STOP!  Put them  in the box or slot them into worry time.  Worrying about all this is useless, non productive and dangerous.  STOP NOW!



I like what William James, the psychologist/philosopher, had to say about worrying:

If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system.

I think, at least for now, we all seem to be on the same planet.  The facts are in — worrying is wasted.  It is time to break the habit!  While loving yourself completely NOW and calming your body, you take the next step and stop worrying.  Let it go.  Give it up.  Trust in supreme consciousness. All this worrying stuff is out there, in another realm some of us call maya, (illusion).  But more on that later.  Right now we are being practical.

There is a song from World War I.  Part of it goes like this:

What’s the use of worrying?  It never was worthwhile, so

Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag and smile,smile, smile.

You may think these lines are simplistic, but they fall on the truth.  You CAN pack up your troubles and learn to place them in a healthier context.

Here’s an idea I got from a friend and wonderful meditation teacher.  Put one of those stretchy bracelets on your arm.  Whenever you have a worry thought, switch it to the other arm. Or take some object.  Place it to your left then move it to your right whenever a worry erupts. You will quickly become aware of how often you worry.  You might be moving it back and forth all day. At least you will know what you are thinking.  In fact, you can try this with any number of thought patterns. First you have to be made aware of your worrying habits.

Here are some suggestions you might try:

  • Become aware of your worry patterns.  Use the idea just suggested or just mentally note whenever you have a “worry” thought. Don’t be harsh with your self.  This is not a reason to feel guilt.  You are simply observing and learning.
  • Put your worries in your “worry box.”  Each time you note a worry thought, rather than immediately obsess about it and create anxiety, write it down on a piece of paper and put it, literally, in a box.  Then, when you are ready to address your worries, pull it out along with the others you have accumulated, and , go ahead, worry.  Limit the time you give to this.
  • Schedule a specific “worry time.” Take your worries, as they arise, and note them in your mind, but do not spend any time on them. Then, at your chosen time — maybe on the hour of the clock and for three or five minutes — go ahead and worry like crazy.  With wild abandon, worry.  When the “timer” goes off, put them away again. Or choose one or two times a day when you will worry.  Keep it contained so worrying is not running amuck throughout your day.
  • Honestly evaluate what the worrying has done for you and to you.  It won’t take long before you realize that it is wasted effort.
  • Do not mistake worrying for problem solving.  They are two different things.  One has a concrete outcome, the other does not.
  • Throughout this process, remember that you can always return to your affirmation, I LOVE MYSELF COMPLETELY NOW. Let it remind you that worrying (and nothing else) will ever take that love away.  It emanates from a source far too powerful to be set aside by our behaviors.

I hope that you will try some of these methods if worrying presents a challenge for you. And tell me know how you are doing.  I care!  Be assured of this.  And besides, you wouldn’t want me to be worrying about you, would you?

With love and namaste, Deanne

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About deannemincer

Deanne Mincer has been a long time student of religious and spiritual studies. For many years, she was a practitioner of yoga and in the late 1980's she was drawn to share her enthusiasm by becoming a yoga teacher. Her certification, from the Himalayan Institute, was a comprehensive two year program including the study of anatomy, diet, nutrition, Ayurvedic medical practices, the methods of teaching hatha yoga, the science of breath and the study of raja (the royal path of yoga) philosophy. She has taught yoga, meditation, and spiritual classes for more than twenty years. In the mid 1990's she became a follower of Siddha Yoga where she experienced a spiritual awakening called shaktipat and her teachings took on a new and freshly informed understanding. As Deanne continued her studies, she learned level one in Reiki and also sutdied with Henry Grayson, Ph.D. where she refined her work with muscle testing and the complex of energy healing methods Dr. Grayson has developed for use with his patients. Dr. Grayson's work is illuminated in his books, Mindful Loving and Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind. Deanne teaches group and private classes in yoga as well as stress reduction programs and meditation in many forms (sitting, walking, whirling, meditation in action, and "sleeping" meditation called yoga nidra). She has developed methods of using yoga in treating those with life threatening diseases as in the programs she designed for Gilda's Club and Friends in Deed in New York City. She was a consulting producer on an alternative health program for CNBC's Alive and Wellness, and she has demonstrated yoga on network television. Deanne created the audio DC, Inner Light Yoga with Deanne Mincer and she has spoken widely and demonstrated meditation in many venues. Deanne is an enthusiastic and joyful teacher. She is known for the keen interest she takes in her students' physical and spiritual development. She stresses that each student should work at their own pace in a non-competitive and caring environment. You can read some of the comments her students have shared in the Tesimonials Section of this site. Her teaching is grounded in her own steadfast spiritual awareness - that each of us is a being of eternal light and love and that we can all come to knowing this truth for ourselves. She is eager to help guide you on this joyful path of body, mind, breath and spirit.

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