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Swimming in the internet or is it the inner net?


     I have taken a big dive into the internet, into the world of websites and social media.  Only recently, I barely knew a thing about the mysterious land of places like LinkedIn and Facebook and Twitter and blogs and websites.  They dwelled in a far away place of unusual encounters and languages spoken that were unknown to me.  Those who have routinely spent time in these foreign lands were completely at ease wandering these roads.  I was not.  But here I am.

    Even so, wherever I may travel and whatever adventures that may be set in motion by taking such a plunge, there is a place that is ever present and is totally familiar.  There is forever a warm light beaming and a sign of welcome on the door , a soothing pot of soup on the stove, and a smiling presence in theis place I call the inner net.  It is the heart of our own being.  We can take off our shoes and rest and experience total ease.  It is “home.”  This special location never leaves us.  It is us, in the heart of the love that is our origin, our birthright, and that which we can share with all.

    “Wherever you go,there you are.” said Jon Kabat-Zinn.  True.  So true.

Hello out there, in the world!


It is said in yoga that “the world is as you see it.”  Antoine de Saint Exupery said in his book,  The Little Prince, “The essential things in life are not seen with ther eyes but with heart.”  So how do we experience the world?  How do YOU see it?

It is easy to be reactive to everything around us and to respond to the senses, oftentimes without thinking, only feeling.  Then we are at the will of events around us, twisting, we might say, in the wind.

Spiritual practices help us to know that this need not be so.  We have a choice to stop and breath.  Or to remember a calming phrase or a mantra.  We might count to ten or whistle a happy tune.  We could stop and engage compassion.  To experience equanimity no matter what surrounds us.  Or we could look through the tenderness of the heart – with kindness and love. 

This is my first adventure at writing a blog.  So I hope you might look at this beginning writing with all of the above.  My web site suggest with look for the light of eternal love.  What if we saw each other in that light all the time.  Just asking…


Hello world!


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